February release notes

14th February

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for advanced filterable list displaying caregivers twice in some areas.
  • Disable custom report autosave. It will instead save the full report only if report template has changed while user is entering report data.
  • Don't show students who have been removed from class when marking attendance in app.


18th February

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard widget showing wrong roll returns error count.
  • Fix for problem loading student information in Roll Returns queue job causing job to fail.
  • Fix for roll returns file generation error - file was failing due to errors from previous years, which are now being ignored.
  • Fix for schools not able to change first schooling date if set to their DoB.


24th February

Bug Fixes

  • Funding Year Level is now read only on edit student page as this was causing issues. This value can only be edited only under certain conditions, as per the MoE spec: Contributing (1-6) schools must have the ability to reset the Funding Year Level of ORS students to YEAR 8, in order for these students to count towards their funding calculations.