Browser tips (for Windows)

Some tips follow for effective use if you're using Windows with browsers for edge.

You can enhance your work flow by having multiple browser tabs open so that you have the current page open and have another page open at the same time. From a browser menu item, or hyperlink, right-click your mouse and select "open link in a new tab"


An Attendance Officer could have one tab for editing attendance and another for viewing/printing students' timetables.

An Enrolment Officer could have one tab for viewing student details, another for viewing caregiver details, and a third for student timetables.

Individual tabs can be click-and-dragged to another part of the desktop which is especially useful if you're working with two screens. The "torn off" tab can then be the reference source on another screen.


Windows Key (logo)

       Pops up the Start Menu

Windows Key + M

        Minimises all program windows to the Taskbar

Windows Key + Shift + M

        Restores all program windows from the Taskbar

Windows Key + Tab

        Repeatedly pressing Tab while holding the Windows key cycles through open programs. Releasing the Windows logo key brings the focus onto the selected program

Maximising or Restoring Down a program window

        Double-clicking the top bar of your program window, is useful if you want to move program windows around

Sizing a program window to half monitor width

        Click-and-dragging the top bar of a program to the left or right hand side of the screen, is useful for giving two programs half the screen each

Clicking browser Back  arrow

        Returns to the previous edge page


For additional information, see our Browsers impacting edge article, and window management browser tips including finding text on a page (for Mac and Windows); see the www.w3schools.com website.



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