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The Teacher-only view brings the most important data to teachers, to the Home page, with an interface which differs from additional responsibility views. We've removed functionality which those with no additional responsibilities in their role at school as teachers don't require access to, encouraging the focus on their own students.

Your most important data brought to your Home page


Click 'Edit Profile' to display your user name, or change the password being used. Note: Where you may log in as different responsibilities, eg. a Caregiver for your child at one school, and as a teacher at a different school, you will see information appropriate to your responsibility at the school(s).

 edit profile change password and email

Change email and password




Become familiar with the tabs at the top:

  • Attendance tab is for marking attendance and analysing attendance summaries, printing rolls.  Click 'Unmarked' for quick access to attendance rolls for today.

  • If your school uses Markbooks, this takes you directly to your Markbooks page.

  • Reports tab (visible where this has been configured by the person allocated Report Master responsibility in your school).

  • Achievement covers academic results, National Standards (or National Certificates of Educational Achievement), analysis etc.

  • NCEA allows quick access to your NCEA data

  • Pastoral tab is for viewing your students' pastoral history, or logging a positive or negative behaviour record. Note from the Home tab a behaviour record can be entered for any student in the school using the 'Add Pastoral' button

  • My Class tab displays student details in summary depending on the choices made for which data to show. For more detailed information on a student, click their name for the Student Summary page, timetable and access to contact details, together with a class list displayed.

  • Your Timetable


Add Pastoral

For the purpose of adding records for any student in the whole school, the Add Pastoral button from the purple footer at the bottom of the Home page (only) gives access to students whose record cannot usually be accessed if they are not in your own class. This button accesses data entry for a default problem behaviour, or selection of positive behaviour to be recorded, and will show the student Pastoral record only (as the teacher responsibility in edge is limited to his or her class(es).

More information, and adding a behaviour record, is available for your own students via the Pastoral tab. 

  add pastoral footer  

teacher pastoral

teacher pastoral and numbers


Add Note

By selecting the 'Add Note' button from the purple footer at the bottom of the Home page (only), it is possible to enter the following notes:

  • An Assessment and/or Attendance note for all students in your school 
  • An Enrolment note for the students in your class(es)
  • A Sensitive note can only be viewed by the creator and whomever they assign to this note; ie: Pastoral Officer or Mrs Jones. (NB: Default access to Sensitive notes is the note creator).
When saved, the Attendance and Assessment note is accessed via the student's classes and assessments, or attendance data, and the button displays a number indicating how many notes are recorded. 

The Enrolment note is displayed on the Class Summary page. 

 add notes



Widgets are downloadable applications which depend on web browsers. Two widgets are permanently displayed: School Announcements and edge Announcement communications. To add widgets to display on the Dashboard (where you have additional user responsibilities allocated to you in edge), click 'Add Widget', and you will need to save the setting. The widgets are fixed in size and may be drag-and-dropped. If any delays are experienced in loading, this is not expected and can be achieved by refreshing the page.

A Support widget for the first time you log in to edge includes a video tour to assist you. This widget can be turned back on if you like. Click 'Add Widget' to select from the widgets available, to display appropriate data for you quickly dependant on responsibilities assigned - eg  students who are having birthdays, or Save your settings as you add each one.

Where the widget displays large numbers, these are totals. By clicking the number displayed in the widget, this links straight to the relevant page, eg on clicking the total for:

  • Enrolled Students daily count - links to Enrolment Summary totals and data for your class

  • Today's Student Birthdays provides a list (from the whole school)

  • This week's Unmarked Rolls - links to unsubmitted attendance rolls (if any) page for quick completion

To remove a widget, click the Close button on the widget you no longer want displayed. Save any setting changes. 

 add widget



This is the place for 'morning notices'. Administrators with Communications responsibility in edge  may create or delete these, being given access in the Admin > Setup tab.  Top of the list is the latest announcement to be edited or added.

Edge Learning Solutions' updates (including notice of scheduled outages) are notified in our 'edge Announcement' area (bottom left hand corner of the Dashboard).



Student details

To quickly find details needed for your students, the 'My Class' tab provides for caregiver contact details and filterable lists functionality. An "ambulance" icon on each student's summary details banner indicates that this student has either contact caregivers or emergency caregivers recorded.

Note that at times if you are using some versions of Internet Explorer (rather than Firefox or Safari), it may be necessary to click the Compatibility button beside the website address at the top of your browser, and F5 to refresh. This may correct out-of-place menus, images or text.  

Selecting the student from the list goes to their summary Student Details page.


Contact Us

We welcome you to 'Contact Us' on the edge Learning Supports' footer available at the bottom of each page. This gives you an email prepared for your completion from the page you were on, for direct contact with us.   Complete your Name, email and message and click 'send message'                     

 chat with us



The visible tabs and available pages throughout edge depend on the user responsibility you have within the school allocated by your Administrator, eg. as teachers you don't require Ministry analysis pages available, and Assessment Analysis have view-only without data entry or configuration. The staff member with Account Maintenance for edge can review the user responsibilities allocated so you can view the information you need.

News of updates is posted on the Home page, and details of releases are available in the Knowledge base.



Online help is available from the Help button at the bottom right corner of every page. Where the assistance of edge Learning Solutions' specialist is requested and agreement made for temporary access to view data, see 'Allow Support Access' on the banner (left-handside) at the footer of the Home page.


Log Out

At the top of the page, this logs you out of the edge site.


Click on Video for an overview of a Teacher Dashboard.




Looking for more answers? email support with your question.