From the English tab, SSpA (Supplementary Spelling Assessments) results can be entered (where configured by your school) for year levels from 4-8.

Entering SSpA results in edge

For SSpA results entry, student names display for the years configured. If required where students are not sitting the same test, the Assessment Co-ordinator can click 'Assign Tests' to enable recording of the test form used for each student in your class.

Teachers can then enter results for their class. 

Enter the Test Number then complete the data fields for the current test period. Once you click 'Save' the scores are totalled, and the calculations performed to display the stanine and other scores.

The column that is shaded (yellow) does not count towards the total score, ie:

For Test 1 the column "Recognising Errors in Words" is not counted in the Total score.

For Test 2 and 3, the column "Recognising Correct Words" is not counted in the Total score.

Assessment Analysis

Results are available for analysis displayed in a stanines table in Achievement > Assessment > Analysis, for the Students, Class, Year Level, and School views.

Student view

The full results for the student selected are displayed in a table.

Class, Year Level and School views

Several display options are available as follows:

  1. A Bar chart displaying the percentage of students for each stanine for the selected group

  2. The Full Results for each student in the selected group

  3. A sortable table displaying the Full Results for the students in the group selected

  4. Stanine tables for the Class and Year Levels

These can be viewed, exported or printed.



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