Achievement incl. Middle School

Initial work on recording details of middle school student achievement is available for Intermediate, Area, Secondary and Full Primary years 7-10 students, or non NCEA students. This covers curriculum areas and strands from the New Zealand curriculum.

Middle School Achievement

For students in years 7-10 or non-NCEA students, progress can be recorded for subjects being taught by separate teachers. This needs to be set up for data entry by the Assessment Co-ordinator from the Reports > Middle School > Curriculum Topic Settings page where Attainment and Effort values are set up for the teachers to use in assessing and reporting to caregivers. These classes are not linked to NCEA standards, but instead to the New Zealand curriculum for assessment and reporting purposes.

In creating a new course, edge allows for change during the year to membership, for when teachers leave, or students rotate through the courses. A topic/activity is assessable against a subject with ‘attainment’, ‘effort’, report comment and note which can be linked to the curriculum.  They may have multiple activities against the course, however there will be one main activity relating the course to the curriculum area. Teachers can enter data, report comments and notes.

For more on Middle School Achievement reporting, see the course Curriculum Topic Settings article or for publishing or printing of the Middle School Achievement report, see the publish or print details.



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