In People > Students we record 'people' aspects of students; from pre-enrolment through to processing leavers, and their connections to others. Filterable lists can be generated, and some files for export.

Student Details  (includes membership of groups) 

 People list

Enrolment Summary

  • Enrolment Summary

  • Student Counts

  • Bulk Student Photos

Enrol Student

ENROL Issues

  • Arrival Upload Batch
  • Leaver Upload Batch


Process Leaver

  • Individual Student

  • Final Year Students


Bus Lists

Student Options

Student Lists

  • Advanced Filterable lists

  • Filterable lists

  • Newsletter Distribution Report (by eldest student)

  • NZSSSC Census

  • School-links Export (in CSV format)

  • Worsfold Software Export

  • 6 Year Net Results Table

  • Medical

-Medical List

-Immunisation Report

  • School Size Summary

-Status by Funding Year Level

-Room by Funding Year Level

-Room by School Year Level

  • Ultranet Export




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