The collecting of pastoral (positive and negative incident) details to identify patterns and trends for a culture where positive behaviour and learning thrive, is a part of the MoE's PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) programme.

Data gathered from schools using the Ministry's programme assists the Ministry in consolidating and analysing information around disruptive behaviour, thereby reducing problem behaviour overall and encouraging pro-social behaviour.

To complete any pastoral records you will need to have a Pastoral Officer responsibility assigned in edge for the appropriate staff member to view the functionality to configure fields for your school.

School management PDF icon pastoral_flow_chart.pdf first decides whether PB4L will be implemented in your school. This has a correlation on whether an incident record is considered complete either:

  • when all PB4L fields are entered where the Ministry’s PB4L programme is implemented; or
  • when a consequence has been assigned

If there is no intention for your school to record any negative or positive pastoral details for students, navigate to Setup > School Settings, and check the Pastoral Settings box.

To customise fields for recording Pastoral, see Getting Started in our knowledge base.



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