End of Year procedures

This page covers incrementing year levels for primary school students in preparation (similar to rollover) for the new academic year, together with processing leavers and setting up classes and teachers for the following year.

The year level on enrolled students automatically increments once the new year begins in edge. For Pre-Enrolled students, the year level does not increment in the new year, remaining at the level it was entered.

A student's status changes from Pre-enrolled to Enrolled once the 'Start Date here' matches the current date AND 'Present' attendance data has been entered.

  • If no class for the current year has been entered against an Enrolled student, (s)he will be listed under ‘Unassigned’ on the People > Students > Enrolment Summary page 

  • If a year level has not been entered against a Pre-enrolled student, (s)he will be listed under ‘Undefined’ on the People > Students > Student Counts > Pre-enrolled students page


Entering Classes/Teachers for the following year

Classes (Rooms) and their teacher(s) can be entered against students ahead of time. Once the start date for that Class (Room) matches the current date, the student will appear on the relevant teacher’s roll.

To add single students to a future class:

  • People > Students > Student Details > Group Membership > Next Year (ie. the following academic year)

  • Select a student then choose their room or class for the following year


To add students en masse to a future class:

  • People > Memberships > Define Class > Next Year (ie. the following academic year) > Create a new class

  1. Choose a Name, Room and teacher then click Save
  2. On the subsequent page select the class members using the provided filter.

Note: members can be quickly selected by choosing a year level for example then removing those from the list who are not members.

Adding students to class in bulk
To print class lists for future classes:
  • People> Memberships > Class Lists
  1. Select (the following academic year) from the drop-down
  2. Click Print then click Open 


Processing Leavers

  • Students in their last year (by year level) at their current school are listed on the People > Students > Process Leaver - Final Year Students page. On this page their final day of attendance, and Reason for Leaving can be entered en masse ahead of time using the available drop downs, selecting the students and clicking ‘Update Selected’.

Students who leave during the year:

To update leaver recording:

  • People > Students > Process Leavers
  1. Complete the 'Leaving Details' box where all four fields are compulsory. Both NQF fields should read ‘No Formal Attainment’.
  2. Click into the ‘Last Date of Attendance’ field and enter a date or choose a date using the arrows and headings then click OK.
  3. Select a ‘Reason for Leaving’ from the drop-down.

Click 'Process this Leaver'.

For more on end of year including financial recording good practice, view our videos:





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