Attendance during Lockdown

Some useful tips on how to mark rolls during the lockdown period.

Our understanding from the MOE is that you will be marking students as ‘F’ for off site class. Our recommendation is that Attendance Officers do this through Attendance > Mark Attendance  -  Multiple days.

You may like to make a group for the full school to speed up this process rather that adding each class. Here is a video on how to create a group and how to mark Multiple days attendance. This group is also useful to be able to email the whole school (see our other announcements).

If you are trying to mark bubble's of students you can make similar groups of these bubbles. Then you would get the teachers to send to the Attendance officer a list of anyone who is absent from the bubble (and expected to be there) and mark them absent, then Mark the bubble present (P) via the Multiple days tab, this will not overwrite those already marked Absent. Lastly Mark the full school 'F' as in the video.


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