Data Entry

Once configured in School Settings and Attitude for Learning Configuration by your Assessment Co-ordinator, you can enter Attitude for Learning (ATL) results for your own class(es). In order to view the report summary and publishing pages, Group Leader or Report Master edge responsibilities are required.

Entering Attitude to Learning (ATL) results for my school's class(es)


  1. You can enter ATL results for classes as set up by your school's Assessment Co-ordinator. 
  2. Select the Class and Reporting Cycle for which you want to enter your ATL results.
  3. This will display a list of students for the class selected with the ATL Categories set up by your school.
  4. You can enter a result for each category by selecting the drop down box and choosing the value required, and you can enter a comment intended for caregivers (limit 250 characters) in the field provided.
  5. Once you have entered the results for each student, please ensure you have ticked the Completed tickbox to the right. This can be done individually or for the entire class/student range selected.

Previous results can be seen for each student by selecting the chevron under the student's name.

For more including setup of these reports, and a summary see our knowledge base. 

 Teacher ATL Report


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