Marie Clay

Marie Clay ('6-Year Net') observation survey results may be recorded, and results available for analysis providing this has been configured in your school. This is done through the Achievement tab for teachers, where "Marie Clay" is not listed separately, and together with the Record of Oral Language assessment, is called "Junior Assessments".

​Recording Marie Clay results

Results can be entered for individual students. The Age Range selected will derive the stanines from the raw scores entered for the different tests.

Results can be edited by selecting the 'Edit mark' link.

In the Achievement teacher view, Marie Clay has been renamed "Junior Assessments" grouped together with the Record of Oral Language assessment.

Assessment Analysis

Test results are available for analysis for 'Students', 'Class' and Year Level views. The results include the raw score and stanine for each of the tests - this is displayed as follows:

Raw Score/Stanine   eg.  51/4.

These results can be viewed, exported or printed.


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