Release Notes

edge release notes for changes made during the 2012 year are detailed here.

December 2012

edge has been updated to MoE compliance for the Roll Returns process for 2013, including the National Standards export for March 2013


  1. The calculation of attendance code totals in the Period by Period Attendance Report has been corrected


  1. Course Summary can now switch between grouping Courses by Subject, or Instructional Year Level
  2. Modified layout of the Class Summary page now shows V or H classes for Primary, Secondary and Area schools
  3. We’ve made some design and style improvements which should make a few more aspects even easier on the eye
  4. A new staff responsibility ‘Assessment Analyst’ which allows access to the assessment analysis without the ability to complete data entry or configuration
  5. The Caregiver Report section for Curriculum Level has been revised to make a clearer entry and presentation

National Assessment

  1. STAR 2012 entry now able to select the student year level tested against
  2. Class tab now has available for display:
    • STAR 2012 analysis table showing stanines
    • SSpA analysis table for stanines
    • PAT stanine tables
  3. Marie Clay assessment entry only allows the Word Reading entry for Duncan or Clay, and outputs will show what was entered
  4. A number of issues around assessment entry using Internet Explorer 8 have been resolved. If you find another, please let us know
  5. e-asTTle upload may now include students for all years

Secondary schools (NCEA):

  1. Analysis graphs show the School results, and results against national results
  2. Configure the subjects for which a Subject Leader has responsibility
  3. Both Mock exam and actual results can now be entered for internal standards


  1. As requested, a medical condition for ‘autism’ has been added
  2. Facility to manage students who are part of a bus list; to create a bus route with associated students which can then be printed out for marking off the students along with space for making notes


  1. Caregivers can be sent a Request for Payment covering all of their associated students
  2. Financial Officers are now able to write off billable items, this feature also supports the consolidation process
  3. Each student’s opening balance is carried forward from the previous year in the Transaction Summary
  4. Billable Items are automatically available for the next financial year
  5. For a Batch there is a report covering all Student Transactions

November 2012

Based on feedback from schools we now have:

For boarding schools the student’s boarding status now has available ‘four day boarder’ and ‘weekly boarder’


  1. Class lists now has a total of students in the class, and allows sorting by Gender
  2. Configuration for the JAM, Marie Clay, running records and NumPA assessments is now available for earlier years
  3. Report Comment entry box improvements only allow correct character display, and a warning if we estimate the text will not fit on the report output
  4. The Curriculum course flags (red, yellow) with mouse hover, indicate what the issues are which need to be resolved to bring the course to green status


  1. A correction to the Audit Term Attendance Register to correctly list students with missing attendance data as a ‘?’
  2. Adding another attendance alarm threshold in the School Settings page will now save without error


Changes to Student Lists:

  1. Filterable lists has a check box to show an age of students at a specified date column (eg. age at 1 Jan, sports representation)
  2. There is a new ‘Newsletter distribution’ link which lists the students for each class who are the oldest in their family
  3. The ‘School Size Summary’ now includes year 0 students

Student Caregivers

We have made several changes in the product to assist with caregivers’ information
  1. The Student Summary page within Enrolment > Student Summary now displays the contact information for the first caregiver at the student’s address, to provide faster access to contact information
  2. Overseas addresses can now be entered for Caregivers
  3. The Caregiver tab has been re-organised with visual representation of all caregivers and siblings living at the same address as the student. Open the Caregiver for full details and click the Edit button to make changes

Student Finance

  1. More information is available regarding batch details, and throughout the transaction pages the box below the heading summarises the current status for your student
  2. Requests for Payment can be printed where email not used for delivery; and can be collated
  3. Billable items can now be assigned by year level and class, along with some layout improvements to the page
  4. The Ledger Number for Unallocated Credits is in a separate section in the Ledger Number configuration page
  5. Configuration of the GST Number, Bank Account details, and confirmation if using electronic receipting is now included in a configuration section under Setup > School Settings
  6. The page for entry of a payment and allocation of credit has been simplified. A receipt can be generated and printed when the payment is entered
  7. A list of all transactions made for a student can be viewed in the Transaction Summary. On this and Payment Received pages, the balance is shown at the top of the page
  8. Reports which can be generated from Finance > Report have been updated to provide totals
  9. Completing Refunds and Reversals has been simplified and can now be accessed on the new Transaction Summary page


  1. We have corrected the GST calculation for Finance processing. There is no need to redo any previously entered transactions
  2. The Probe2 assessment drop down for the ‘Set’ is now correctly saving
  3. The drop down for the type of refund in Finance processing now has values in it which will allow refunds to occur
  4. When a discount was not entered in the ‘Payment Received’ page it no longer shows on the receipt

October 2012



  1. Styles have been updated, for example selection of the Year in pages such as Assessment Analysis, and the drop downs in Student Lists


  1. Funding year level for students in Year 7 and 8 has been corrected
  2. Setting the ending date for a Teacher now sets the end date for Classes associated with that Teacher
  3. Layout of the Mark Attendance date selection in Firefox has been enhanced
  4. Reporting to Caregivers report validation now excludes Teachers who are no longer teachers of the class, or working in the school
  5. Saving changes to a caregiver who does not have an address recorded no longer errors
  6. On the MoE Roll Returns Summary page the message when outside of a roll returns period has been made clearer

September 2012



  1. Report to Caregivers now have extra features which include:
    • Control over which comment boxes are included on the report, and functionality to personalise most of the comment entry box names so that they can be aligned with the existing phrasing used within the school
    • Choice of fonts and heading colours
    • Selection of two page layouts – single page A4, and multi page booklet (up to 4 pages)
    • An optional brief description of the student’s attendance data
    • The ability to assess, and include a graphical representation of, each student’s OTJ or curriculum level
    • The choice to include student photo to be included on the report (multi page only)
    • Display of assessment results in the report data entry area, which can be copy-and-pasted into the report
    • The ability to view the student’s last report created, while entering the current report comments
    • A character count-down which indicates the display limit for the Comment boxes, please note that comments will still need to be reviewed before sending out the reports
  2. Introduction of a new responsibility (role) called ‘Report Master’ which, for those assigned with the role, enables report layout and content editing control at the end of the reporting process
  3. The completed reports can be published to caregivers via email attachment (as a pdf), and the Caregiver portal in one easy step. The reports can also be printed for schools whose desired delivery of student reports is hard copy
  4. Staff with the Teacher user role can enter report comments, confirm the report is completed to show current status of the comment entry, and print reports
  5. Remember, we have a comprehensive set of Help pages to assist you through using the product. These can be accessed from every page by clicking the green Help button on the top right of each page; and search functionality is available within Help


  1. Attendance Officers can generate a list of students who are absent today (for emergencies, fire drills etc) in Student Lists

August 2012

Important Fix


  1. Attendance notes are not visible after their end date



  1. The new Comparative Analysis tab enables teachers and Assessment Officers to compare a filter across years
  2. Assessments > Analysis now provides a progress graph below each table for individual National Standards Full Results
  3. For the first three years of schooling, student results are displayed for all years in their assessment summary

July 2012



  1. Improvements made to the to the Assessment Analysis selection page provide clarity on what is available across all tabs
  2. Curriculum > Assessment > Analysis > School tab now provides progress comparative bar graphs for each of the Schonell and Probe 2 assessments; and line graphs for all PAT assessments. This is viewable via year level, classes, ethnicity and gender
  3. National Assessments with Stanine results are now graphed as a bar chart which also displays the national norm. Select from the student’s Assessment Analysis page (listed by subject heading), for STAR (2012) and SSpA; PAT – Reading Comp, Reading Vocab, Listening Comp, and Maths
  4. Changes made to Assessment > Manage upload/download of assessment data for importing updated e-asTTle file

Student Details

  1. Enrolment > Student Details > new Notes tab added to view each student’s summary page (with permission) on which to filter on category of note eg. change the default to enter Attendance, Assessment. Sortable table columns display for editing (or deleting) all notes
  2. Notes can be added from assessment entry pages, or from the Add Note button on the blue footer
  3. Enrolments > Students > Custom Groups page allows the creation of common groups of students, using the link. There is a mandatory association with a staff member and start date before students can be added or removed. Group details can be edited as required
  4. Membership of a custom group can be managed from the Student Details > Group Membership tab
  5. A list of students in the group is available from Enrolments > Students > Summary > Student Lists, Filterable Lists link where the Custom Group field has been added

June 2012



  1. Within analysis,analysis, bar charts added to display ssPA stanine assessment results which also show the national norm
  2. New science Thinking with Evidence assessments available
  3. JAM assessment results can now be recorded
  4. PROBE 2 assessment results can now be recorded
  5. In Analysis the tables can be sorted for STAR, PAT, GloSS, and Science Thinking with Evidence

Student Details

  1. Attendance notes can now be added from anywhere in edge to student data, by selecting ‘Add Note’ on the blue bar at the foot of each page
  2. Caregiver export can now include the caregiver’s title for mail merging
  3. School enrolment numbers are now included in the export file for Library Borrower Upload into MUSAC Library Manager
  4. For years 1-8 a Room by Funding Year Level report is available on the Summary > Student Lists page expanding the School Size Summary. This includes unknown entries, and is broken down by gender

Additional features

Secondary Schools – Youth Services Initiative

  1. The .moe file by default now includes students’ contact home and cell phone numbers, alternative phone number for the student or home; student’s email address and name of contact person or primary caregiver held. A checkbox below the Privacy Indicator box on the Student Details>Edit Student page can withhold these additional contact details being forwarded to the Ministry of Social Development for the new Youth Services Initiative. Schools must advise caregivers and students, and on their request the additional details can be suppressed
  2. This report can also be generated outside the roll return cycle if requested, on the MoE Returns > Contact Details for Youth Services page

Schools with Boarding Status

  1. Enrolment Officer can use additional status options from the ‘Boarding Status’ dropdown in the Student Details > Edit Student page, available for display in Class List reports

May 2012



  1. Notes can be added by Teachers and Attendance Officers. Click ‘Notes’ for adding (editing/deleting) from attendance pages for Teacher and Attendance Officer roles (for the relevant day). Start and end dates must be entered and saved. Messages valid on the day are then displayed on all Attendance pages where the student to which the note has been added appears. The button becomes green to show that a note has been added. Also displayed is the number of notes within the entered date range
  2. Preferred student names are now displayed when marking Attendance
  3. ‘Class Rolls’ and ‘My Class Rolls’ pages have ben amalgamated so there is one tab headed ‘Class Rolls’
  4. The Attendance Summary Extract has been updated to meet Ministry requirements


  1. There is a new ‘Year Level’ tab in Analysis to allow the desired year level to be selected from the dropdown
  2. If there are assessment results for the current year, in Assessment Analysis > Students, the Assessment dropdown (as follows) includes ‘Assessment Summary’. These can be viewed together as tabular summaries for each student using the new ‘Assessment Summary’ selection to display all assessments for the current year in one page
  3. National Assessment results can now be recorded in edge to year 13 eg. including PAT and e-asTTle, with National standards now available for Years 7 and 8
  4. When viewing assessment results for analysis of students in years 9-13, select by either desired year level or new filter for option class
Integrated Schools only
  1. A new field ‘Tagged Position’ is available to the Enrolment Officer in the staff details page, for completion if required to indicate the staff member is tagged for a position.
  2. To view whether a staff member holds a tagged position, from the Enrolments > Staff > View/Edit Staff page, ‘Print All Staff’ to generate the staff list report where the column is included, and Y indicates holding a tagged position
  3. From the Enrolments > Students > Summary page, the Student Counts tab (for Currently Enrolled Students) can show Maximum Roll Number. To do this, from Setup > School Settings, see School Enrolment Scheme section. Type the number for your school into the Maximum Roll Number field and Save. This will create the link on the Student Counts page
  4. When enrolling students, the ‘Preference Status’ field is used. To see a list of students with status, filter in Student Lists having checked the ‘Preference Criteria’ data to display.
Catholic schools only
  1. When entering Student Details, having selected ‘Preference’ from the ‘Preference Status’ field, the Enrolment Officer will see a further preference criteria field available to specify values 5.1-5.5
  2. To see ‘Preference Criteria’ students, view by filtering in Enrolments > Summary > Student Lists
  1. Announcements now display whichever was last edited or added, in order of edit/add time saved for each day
All Schools
  1. The Students section in Setup > School Settings has a check box for ‘Use Student Enrolment Number’. Where this is checked and saved, their number will be displayed together with basic student summary details

April 2012


  1. Changes made to the log in page allow you to use existing logins you may have for Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Windows Live sites to log into edge, rather than remembering another set of login details
  2. Within edge on the foot of each page we’ve also added the ability for schools to request our Support team to access school data and provide assistance, valid once only for security reasons


As students and contact details are added for the first time in edge, we search for existing details of that student or caregiver in the edge database. To make the search results easier and clearer, where there is an ‘Exact’ match, additional details are now available so we can save your time and avoid making duplicate entries

  1. When entering Caregivers, the relationship selection drop down has been rearranged for most common entries to appear first
  2. Finance > Report is a new area with Billable Items Summary and Student Payment records. When assigning billable items, additional data is available including a recent history, and improved validation avoiding duplicate entry
  3. GST details are now able to be recorded on the Request for Payment
  4. Student details from edge can now be exported to MUSAC Library Manager, in Setup > Import/Export > Library Borrower Upload. An update to Library Manager is in development to enable import of borrower details from edge. Both Student and Configuration files generated in edge are saved into a folder in MLM called Borrowers Update
  5. Enhanced Communications features for your school Communications role include dividing ‘Current’ and ‘Historic’ sections for listing School Announcements, together with formatting enhancements of messages. Fonts can be edited; numbering, bullet points and URL links can be added
  6. Setup > Calendar Setup now includes a ‘Days Schools Closed’ area for recording, eg. Closure due to snow
  7. Following incorrect login attempts, the lockout period has been reduced to 2 minutes, no longer necessitating others to re-set this

March 2012

This exciting deploy of edge (formerly known as ‘Symphony’) delivers major branding and colour changes to our online product; innovative dashboard with easier navigation allowing more room for data display; and better performance. Widgets bring the information relevant with each unique role straight to you.


Your log in to edge is the same name and password you have been using - watch the video if you’d like an introduction to navigating your way around

  1. Widgets are incorporated into our Dashboard giving you the information YOU need at your fingertips – select using the Add Widget button for what’s helpful for you in the roles you perform
  2. The Student search field appears on the foot of every page
  3. The Feedback button is available from the green MUSAC ribbon at the bottom
  4. Exporting unallocated funds can happen once the details are generated for transfer to FM
  5. Enrolment Officer can add a student to a class on the Student Group Membership page
  6. Page-appropriate support is available from the top right of your page


  1. STAR 2012 test results can be entered when the class includes leavers NZQA result import checkbox no longer appears for primary and intermediate school types Those with Enrolment Officer role can add students to a class




    MUSAC Support Team