Create New Courses

To add or define course details (an academic course of tuition available to be selected by a student) or view lists, see the Curriculum area

Creating a new course

Courses can have associated Curriculum and MoE compliance items as noted below. NCEA Standards can be attached where applicable, and related classes inherit all of these course properties. Classes are specific instances of a course to which is attached a responsible teacher, other assisting teachers and a group of students associated with the course.

If required, NCEA standards can be edited on a class by class basis.

Timetable > Configuration > Courses > Create New

  1. Enter new course Name and Reporting Name to be used in caregiver reporting. The maximum characters for a new course name (and saving edited courses) is 7. Note that the limit for Class names is 13
  2. Tick ‘Course Active’ if the course is current and to be used in timetabling straight away. Course Name (max 6 characters) and Reporting Name examples;  09ENGL, Year 9 English; L1MATH, Level 1 Mathematics; GEOG2, Level 2 Geography
  3. The MoE fields including Subject, instructional year level, hours per year impact on roll returns.
  4. Select course duration (academic year, semester or term) and dates for Start (or to remove the course), and click Save.

Initial steps have been started in Middle School achievement allowing tech classes and topics to be set up within creating new courses. A course is also known as a tech subject, and an activity is assessable against a subject linked to the curriculum with Attainment ("A"), Effort ("E"), note and caregiver report comment. They may have multiple activities against the course, however there will be one main activity which can be used to connect/relate the course to the curriculum area (for data entry).

In Course Summary the new course will be listed under year level or Undefined Instructional Year Level. The coloured flags indicate their status in terms of those completed, the flag will be green where everything required for timetabling the course is complete.

As Courses are added they are grouped by MoE Subject and Instructional Year Level on the Timetable > Courses > Course Summary page.

  1. To edit course details, click on the MoE Subject or Instructional Year Level link then the chevron (triangle) alongside the required Subject Name or Year Level, then click the chevron next to the Course name to open up its summary details.
  2. Click the ‘Edit/Delete this course’ link to edit the actual Course details.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page to record any changes to the Course details.
  4. Note that courses which have been end-dated during the year are also displayed on the Define Courses page. 



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