View Timetables - Teacher Only

Overview information links to your students' details, and teachers can view timetables for anybody in the school.

Viewing timetables

  1. Provided you are a teacher at a secondary school; to see timetables for any Teacher, Students, Class; or Location, the default view displays your own teaching timetable, in calendar view for the current week.

  2. Click "Cycle view" on the right for the alternative view.

  3. The column highlighted indicates the current day and the red line on the time incidates the current time.

  4. To find another teacher/student/class/location, click in the 'Find Teacher/Student/Class/Location' field to select from the drop-down list displayed.

  5. If an alternative is required, then change this using the 'Day', ‘Work Week’, ‘Week’, or ‘Month' buttons; or use the arrows to move between weeks; or click the calendar icon to select any specific date at the top of the timetable.

 Teacher Timetable


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