Student Attendance Summary

Printable student attendance summaries are available as well as the ability to export a students attendance data for a specified time period.

Is there a summary of a student's attendance?

Select the required student name checking appropriate group criteria, for their attendance information. The YTD date range option which displays with the student details begins from the first school open day in the current academic year, choose required date range. Attendance details are listed with the periods shown strictly in time order.  

A summary graph of attendance data for this student is available.

Hover over the pie chart reveals more detail (Number of Sessions Present / Total Number of possible sessions = Percentage e.g 294/319 = 92.2%). Click a segment to highlight the relevant codes in the Attendance Details tables. 


Use of the Ministry's truancy codes ie. number of times each code used in the student's attendance recording comprises the percentage data for this graph. 

You can also create a .csv file to export a students Attendance History for a date range that you can specify.


It allows you to view the following information:

- Student details (NSN, Name, DOB, Start Date, Leaving date)

- Attendance Date

- Entry Time

- Period Name

- Attendance Code

- Attendance Note

- Entered by


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