September Release Notes

17th September 2018.


Attendance records
  • Added total number of students to the daily absence report PDF (Emergency absences report)


  • Added tick box to ATL Print and Publish to allow reports not ticked as completed to be published
  • The Template Report Printing page now supports an extract of Curriculum Level data for Progress A4 Booklet and Detailed Key Competencies and Flexible Comment report types. This data extract is in tab delimited format and can only be extracted on the class view level as opposed to the student view level. The extract also includes basic student details like first name, surname, NSN and room name. The extract will automatically run whenever a template report is created, and the download link will appear next to the download link for the report.


  • Pastoral problem behaviour list of incidents now shows the reporting teacher
  • Teacher Pastoral notes page improvements (look and feel)

Student Portal

  • Student portal select options (Student Option Summary Screen Improvements)
  • Deleting a previously selected option now needs an x to be clicked beside the option rather than unchecking a selection box
  • Floating Save button
  • Miscellaneous formatting, look and feel changes to make using this more user friendly


  • Performance improvements on Edge navigation
  • Teacher only mode for primary schools now has the Markbook icon on the menu so teachers no longer need to go to achievement before they can go to Markbooks. This was the same change done previously for Secondary Schools
  • Speed improvements in various areas of Edge, including Markbooks page loading.


  • Add emergency contact info to staff details and user profile pages