Library Borrower Upload

Student borrower details can be imported into edge either with a direct update, or manually generated for export to MUSAC Library Manager

Integrated direct update - updating student details for your library borrowers

The preferred method is to use the direct integrated update for borrowers from edge:

Manual update - updating student details for your library borrowers

With Account Maintenance or Enrolment Officer responsibility you can generate student details in  edge  from Admin > Import/Export > Library Borrower Upload, in order to update borrower and related information.  From MLM version 14.4, Library Manager borrower details can be retrieved from edge using the direct functionality. From edge this can be imported to MUSAC Library Manager thereby avoiding re-entering the student details. Two files are required for Library Manager - a Student file (SMTOMLM.dat), and a Configuration file (smconfig.dat.

Before generating new files, browse into your MLM/Borrower Update folder and delete any existing  SMTOMLM.dat  and  smconfig.dat  files. Depending on the browser you are using, the files may save to a predetermined location or allow you to choose 

  1. In edge from the Admin >  Import/Export > Library Borrower Upload page, click the Generate button for each of these files and:

    1. if using Google Chrome, see their details for locating your Downloads folder

    2. if using Internet Explorer, see their details for finding files .. choose your MLM/Borrower Update folder

    3. if you're using other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox (or downloading - or having difficulty downloading from Safari), these will have their own Saving folder, which may be available under the 'Options' menu in your browser.

  2. Except for Internet Explorer users, copy both of the generated files into the MLM/Borrower Update folder on your MUSAC Library drive.

  3. Open Library Manager and go to Borrowers > SM/edge Borrower Update.

  4. Change 'update from'  to edge

  5. edge matches on names, and sms unique IDs for borrower information. Ensure that in Library Manager, the 'have you used enrolment numbers for your borrower barcodes in Library?' is set to No.

  6. Click the 3 dots button alongside 'Which drive do you wish to update from?' and browse to the MLM/Borrower Update folder. This only needs to be the first time you import.

  7. Click 'Run Update' and follow the prompts.

For more information see our edge to Library Manager borrower import information to complete the process in Library Manager.



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