NCEA Form Class progress table

The NCEA Progress table provides a list of students and their respective credits gained for each NCEA level.

The NCEA table provides a student list with credits gained for each NCEA level, their possible total and the number they have gained for Literacy and Numeracy at Levels 1 and 2.

Current Year

Displays totals for all internal standards achieved during the academic year.

All Years

Displays totals for all internals and externals gained and included in NZQA results file from previous years, along with totals for all internal standards achieved during this academic year.

Where a student's credit total for the Literacy and Numeracy levels is highlighted in green, the student has achieved enough credits in the respective level to meet the requirements.

Clicking on a student's name takes you to their NCEA Student Summary page for a more detailed breakdown of the standards assigned to that student, including results achieved and standards still to be assessed.

  NCEA Summary


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