November 2019 Release Notes

30th November


Added a new user role: Health and Safety Officer

Health and Safety.

Added a new H & S tab to the top main navigation menu that drops down to 4 new pages:
  • H & S Configuration
  • A page for adding or editing a school's Incident Types and Actions and to view all Health and Safety Officer users. This page is only visible to users with the Account Maintenance role.
  • Incidents (only visible to Health and Safety Officers)
  • A simple page for viewing all the school's H&S incidents and order, view and filter them by Incident Date, Location and Severity. Clicking on an incident in the grid will open a view/edit popup with that incident information.
  • Student Records (only visible to Health and Safety Officers)
  • A student-centric page to view H&S incidents. Similar to the Pastoral Student Records page.
Analysis (only visible to Health and Safety Officers)
  • A page very similar to the Pastoral Analysis page. Allows a user to view graphed H&S information by different filters and groupings. Also allows the user to print and export the results.
  • Added a button Add Incident to the footer to allow the user to add new H&S incidents. This adding functionality is accessible by all users.
  • Added the ability to edit an H&S incident with the same popup as adding it.
  • Allows the user to edit most of the information except for files attached.
  • Allows the user to check a student in and out of sickbay and view attached files by clicking on them.
  • Added a new widget that shows a count of the number of students in Sickbay at the current point in time. Clicking on the number redirects the user to the H&S Incidents page. This widget is only visible to users with the Health and Safety Officer role.