Troubleshooting MoE Returns

Some of the common errors which occur during 'Check Data' in preparation for the MoE Returns file are detailed below, together with what to do about them. Draft .moe files can be created and printed outside of the official returns periods. Known issues and frequently asked questions will be updated, please check here.

Validating data for roll returns

  1. On the Admin> MoE Returns > Check Data page any students whose data requires correcting will be listed indicating errors or warnings.

    Errors must be corrected, however warnings may be okay with the data being just outside of expected parameters. For warnings, it's a reminder to check the data is correct and may not necessarily require changing. The MoE returns process can continue with warnings. Our video covers the process, also Summary knowledge base article with further MoE returns details. 

    If you have any errors or warnings: 

  2. Click the chevron beside the student name to show error details together with MoE Error/Warning number identifying the issue to correct the data. More information is available from the current Ministry guidelines, and many errors are satisfied on the personal and caregiver details pages for each student. The data validation report can be printed, and required changes made through People> Students - Students Details (enrolment pages); or alternatively you can use People> Students- Enrol Issues.

  3. Please ensure one caregiver for each student has "Student Address" caregiver flag ticked from the student details > Caregiver tab, or alternatively for a different view, via People > Caregivers > Edit Caregiver Flags - tick the "Lives With" caregiver flag field for students displaying other caregiver flags. MoE errors "First Address field is mandatory" (street address) and regarding Third Address (town or city) fields - are resolved on the Edit Caregiver Flags page with the dropdown field where only one caregiver can be selected.

  4. Once you have corrected your errors you will be able to submit your MoE file during the Roll Returns period. Prior to this time you can check your data tables by using the Print Files button.

  5. Print and Submit (during official returns periods only)

For secondary and area schools, if a course does not have a MoE subject (as an approved MoE course) selected, then this course will not be included in the roll returns for July.

Error 132: Student started before age 5
&  Error 164: Funding Year level does not correspond with age

The student's first schooling date must be at least 5 years after their date of birth.

To correct this, compare the student’s First Schooling Date with the student’s Date of Birth. Note that the First Schooling date is the date that the student started at any school which should be no earlier than 5 and no later than 6 years after their date of birth.

Error 625: First Address field is mandatory
&  Error 626: Third Address field is mandatory

The student's address is set to the address of the caregiver who has the ‘Student’s Address’ flag. If either of these errors display, you will need to check that the student concerned has a caregiver with the ‘Student’s Address’ flag ticked. If so, then check to ensure that the Caregiver has an address, in particular the fields for Residential Street Number and Name, and Town or City.

Error 642: Student cannot have a first attendance date before first day at any school

From Attendance > Attendance Records > Data Issues  search for the student to see if there are any attendance codes which need to be removed.

Error 651: Duplicate NSN XXXXXXXXX

A student should only be enrolled once and if returning, the previous school record should be found and re-enrolled rather than a new record created to prevent duplicate NSN’s occurring in edge, however sometimes it does happen. To identify the record with the matching NSN’s go to People > Students > Student Details and then select Current Students, Pre-Enrols and Leavers to search all students. You can then enter in the NSN number provided by the error into the search box to find existing student records with the NSN.

Ideally if a student has had a new record created when coming back to the school, the record should be removed and the original record re-enrolled. However removing the NSN off the leaver record and saving will also resolve the error.

Once you have completed this, go to the Student details page, scroll to the bottom and Save Details. This will refresh the student details and the Duplicate NSN error should disappear.

Warning 168: Students with Funding Year Level = 0 will not be counted on the roll return 

This warning message will disappear after the March return, and the student concerned will not be included in the roll count. As with all warnings, the data is just outside the MoE specifications and will not stop the returns from being completed.

Warning 617: Student has [x] entries for subject [yyyy] in instructional [zzzz] 

If this warning appears for a student, then it indicates that the student is taking two classes in the same instructional year level that are attached to the same MoE Subject. Check to confirm that this is legitimate and if so, the warning can be ignored. As an example, a student may be taking both general health and pre-med, both classes linked to the MoE subject 'Health'.


Seeing an error that's not on this list? email support with the error number and description.


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