Add Students to Class

Classes are available in the Class Definition page within the Curriculum area

Adding students to a class

The 'Add student(s) to class' link is from 'Define Class'. On the 'Attach students to class' page the class name appears at the top together with a 'Return to previous page' link.

  1. To now add students, the Student Selection box offers choices to include Pre-Enrolment students (tick box), search for student name from the drop-down and/or select the Year Level, Class, Course search criteria etc.

  2. Click 'Add to Selection'

  3. Nominated students with NSN and Year Level will display together with 'Clear All Students' link to alter students selected

  4. When the list is correct click 'Save Students to Class'

  5. See other knowledge base articles for timetabling notes including auto and manual class creation; and more on student class allocations.



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