June to August Release notes


Edge mobile app version 3.0 has been released

- Staff can enter health and safety incidents
- View student achievement results
- Notification of student absences by caregivers  Absence notification
- Creating and editing announcements and sending notifications to staff, students and caregivers
- Editing of pastoral records, health and safety incidents and student notes

- Extended Learning Support notes

- Educa single sign on for schools that have Educa


- New List called ‘Family Roll’Family Roll

- Prevent overwriting existing absence records with "?" from Teacher Attendance

- Other period attendance shown when marking rolls   Earlier Attendance

- PDF’s saved as custom category files with "show in caregiver portal" checked in the config can be viewed in the mobile app on the reports page by caregivers.

- Allow intermediates to select courses in markbook config

- Automatically redirect primary school teachers to attendance marking page when logging in between 8:40 - 9:20AM during term time (can be disabled from "Edit Profile" button on Dashboard).



-A new graph builder has been created, designed to improve readability, responsiveness and the look of graphs in Assay.


Bug fixes

Multiple fixes